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What do I need to start riding indoors?

You will need your bike, a trainer preferably a smart trainer with resistance control, an internet connection & display.

How do I order a smart trainer ?

You can book via whatsapp, email us at,  message us on Instagram or Facebook or use the Contact Us page.

I've never hired a trainer before, what is the process ?

At the time of booking we will ask you some questions 1) Cassette type & number of cogs on your bike 2) Whether quick release skewer or thru axle type. We have 8-12 speed cassettes, freehubs and adaptors for both types. You can send a photo also of your bike to be sure we get the correct information. Don't worry we will bring the right equipment! Also we ask that you create an account on Zwift or other platform beforehand to speed up the set up process. It normally takes around 15 minutes to get you set up!

What comes with the trainer ?

You get a cassette which will be compatible with your bike. We can also provide exercise mat, fan, ant+ usb (for trainer connection) if required at a small additional amount.

Do I have to change gears while riding ?

Yes while using SIM mode you can change gears to suit your pedaling cadence (rpm's). If you use ERG mode you can stay in one gear and the trainer adjusts the resistance for you. ERG mode is useful when following a training plan while riding to power.

Do your smart trainers come with power meters?

Yes. All our trainers come with power meters which allow you, through the on screen display or your bike computer head unit, to see the power that you are producing as you ride. You can do an FTP (functional threshold power) test to determine your current fitness level and set training plans to improve it. We can also help you with this. Veloboxx have created a number of custom workouts on the Zwift platform which are available to purchase.

I have a mountain bike. Is it compatible with your smart trainers?

Indeed it is. Kickrs are height adjustable so they will work with your mountain bike. Tacx trainers are at a uniform height to suit road, hybrid and also mountain bikes. We also stock hybrid and mountain bike cassettes.

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