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Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainers - Part 1

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

On the 30th August 2012 Wahoo launched the KICKR V1. This was the first direct drive trainer available on the market. I bought one in 2014. It was the first indoor trainer to have ANT+ connectivity. It had a loud whirring sound but the likeness to riding outdoors was uncanny. The legs folded inward for easy storage but the handle was in an awkward place making it difficult to carry.


After the initial version launch Wahoo released a further five versions of the KICKR to date July 2023 V2-V6. Veloboxx has the V3, V5, V6 KICKRs and the KICKR ROLLR. The KICKR V3 has an improved carry handle, dampened sound and BT connectivity added. From the V4 onwards, Wahoo made the units compatible with 12 speed groupsets by allowing the XDR freehub to be installed instead of the standard freehub. KICKRs still come with an 11 speed SunRace cassette as standard which are compatible with Shimano and SRAM chains.


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