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Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainers - Part 2

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Continuing on from Part 1 where I described a little about the Wahoo KICKR range V1-V6, I will give some further information on the changes made by Wahoo through the various versions of KICKR.

So visually how can we tell the difference between the versions? Let's take a look:

  1. Version 1 has a black handle mounted on the back of the unit and no LED lights.

  2. LEDs along with a sturdy and better located handle (grey) were introduced in Version 2 and onwards.

  3. Slight improvement in the noise level in the Version 2.

  4. Downsloping bar became flush with the rear axle from Version 3 and onwards.

  5. Version 3 and onwards was made compatible with the KICKR Climb.

  6. Version 4 was probably the biggest change in the evolution of the KICKR. The flywheel got heavier, from 12lbs(5.44kgs) to 16lbs(7.25kgs). This made the unit much quieter.

  7. Flywheel side of the pulley became recessed from Version 4 and onwards.

  8. V4 allowed the use of an XDR freehub for 12 speed SRAM cassettes to be mounted.

  9. Cadence measurement came with the Version 4 and onwards.

  10. Note that a 12 speed SHIMANO cassette can be mounted on the 11 speed freehub (backward compatible).

  11. Version 5 introduced auto-calibration which removed the need for the dreaded spin-down exercise needed every time you jumped onboard.

  12. A direct connect phone jack was added to Version 5.

  13. AXIS feet were added to Version 5 and onwards allowing for more rider movement.

  14. Wifi status light was added instead of ANT+ on Vesion 6.

To check the version of your KICKR more easily, you can refer to the table below:

What about disc brakes and thru axles ?

All version of the KICKR come with a QR skewer for rim brake bikes. When it comes to disc brakes even the V1 KICKR has the 12x142mm thru axle with adapter kit, that runs back to 2014!

From Version 3 and onwards thru axle adapters were included 12x142mm and 12x148mm.

Race Mode - what is it ?

Race Mode was introduced from Version 5 and onwards. Quite simply the power reading frequency was bumped up 10x so giving you a ride that is more responsive to changes in power.

Packing your KICKR

Out of the box the KICKR is packaged lower at the 650c setting as opposed to the 700c when means the KICKR has to be reset each time we unpack and assemble at our customers place. The box that the KICKR comes in is quite an impressive add on for our rental business. When transporting the units we can be assured they are well secured!

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